This is an archive of talks, news stories, radio programs and podcasts featuring my work and research team activities.


Strengthening learning, leadership and equity in Maine and Wabanaki wild shellfisheries, invited talk in the Mitchell Center seminar series, 4/12/2021

Racism and the environment: Learning from local efforts for institutional change and environmental justice, presentation as part of the Raising our Voices on Race and Racism Series, UMaine, 11/30/2021

Thinking with Rivers, keynote at the Maine Sustainability and Water Conference, 3/38/2019

Maine Shellfish Restoration and Resilience Fund announcement at Shellfish Focus Day, 2/28/2019

How do we innovate in shellfish co-management and industry? Recommendations from a study of Maine’s municipal shellfish co-management, presentation at Shellfish Focus Day, 3/4/2017.

Creating a decision support system for safe beaches and shellfish, invited talk in the Mitchell Center seminar series, 10/17/2016

When stories leave the NEST: Online archives for stakeholder engagement in sustainability science, invited talk in the Mitchell Center seminar series, 4/11/2016

When water quality is the easy problem: An untold story of sustainability and human well-being, invited talk in the Mitchell Center seminar series, 11/23/2015

Citizen science: Background and trends, presented at the University of New Hampshire, 11/12/2014

Feature on interdisciplinary collaboration with the New England Sustainability Consortium, 10/31/2014

News stories and podcasts

Environmental Communication, In Common podcast, 7/12/2021

Science in Indigenous homelands article review, UMaine News, 4/13/2021

Addressing Structural Barriers to Injury Prevention among Shellfish and Lobster Harvesters, UMaine News, 3/26/2021

Protecting and revising flats focus of a decade-long effort, Ellsworth American, 3/18/2021

Shellfish Focus Day summary, UMaine News, 2/16/2021

Improving Maine’s clam harvest, Maine Calling, 9/12/2019

Resilience in Maine’s clam fishery, Maine Public Radio, 8/8/2019

Shellfish grant award to Thomaston & Waldoboro, 3/13/2019

Maine Sustainability and Water Conference keynote announcement, 1/24/2019

Public participation and aquaculture, Bangor Daily News article, 1/22/2019

NCA Environmental Communication Division Book Award, 12/14/2018

Science communication workshop, 11/13/2018

PNAS Future of Dams publication, 11/8/2018

Research feature on news media, dams, and decision making, 10/1/2018

Small scale fisheries threatened, ScienceDaily news article, 8/6/2018

Bivalves in Maine, radio interview on Maine Public Radio’s Maine Calling, 2/9/2018

Tapping communities for water research, NSF article on EAGER award, 3/22/2018

Sustainability interview with the Portland Press Herald, 1/21/2018

Drifting with the Tides_Hillyer spotlight, 11/7/2017

McGreavy and Roy attend Resilience Conference, 10/11/2017

Mainebiz Clam Cam Feature, 5/31/2017

Downeast Research and Engagement Network keynote announcement, 10/8/2015

Opening the Maine Lake Science Center, Bridgton News, 7/31/2015

Entertaining our way to engagement, ScienceDaily news article, 6/3/2014