Meet the Team

I have an active research group and work with a great team of undergraduate and graduate students. Here are some photos of some of our adventures in engaged fieldwork and collaborative research:

Michael Clay, Ph.D. student, 2018-present

Jennifer Smith-Mayo, Ph.D. student, 2019-present

Leah Stetson, I.Ph.D. student, co-advisor with Dr. Cindy Isenhour, 2018-present

Tyler Quiring, Ph.D. candidate, 2016-present

Gabby Hillyer, M.S. in Marine Policy, 2017- present

Carter Hathaway, M.A., 2017-2019

John Welton, M.A., 2015-2017

Ben Wyman, M.A., 2015-2017

Brawley Benson, Undergraduate honors thesis, 2018-2019

James Robe, Undergraduate honors thesis, 2016-2017