Engaged Research Group

I lead an engaged research group and work with diverse undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, research associates and partners. Here is list of current and former group members and some photos of engaged field work and collaborations within Wabanaki homelands, Maine, and beyond.

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Kaitlyn Haynal, Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2020-2022

Graduate students

Ishani Jayamaha, Ph.D. student, Communication, 2022-present

Glendon Zernicke, M.A. student, Communication, 2021-present

Brennan “B” Lauer, M.A. student, Communication, 2021-present

Gabby Hillyer, Ph.D. candidate, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2019-present

Jennifer Smith-Mayo, Ph.D. student, Communication, 2019-present

Michael Clay, Ph.D. candidate, Communication, 2018-present

Mackenzie Peacock, M.A., Communication, 2019-2021

Tyler Quiring, Ph.D. in Communication, 2016-2020

Gabby Hillyer, M.S. in Oceanography and M.S. in Marine Policy, 2017-2019

Carter Hathaway, M.A. in Communication, 2017-2019

John Welton, M.A. in Communication, 2015-2017

Ben Wyman, M.A. in Communication, 2015-2017

Undergraduate students

Brawley Benson, Undergraduate honors thesis, Political Science, 2018-2019

James Robe, Undergraduate honors thesis, Communication,