I have an active research group and advise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to the support provided through the Environmental Communication Community of Practice, I meet with advisees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and collaborate on short and longterm projects.

Here are some photos of some of our adventures in engaged fieldwork and collaborative research:


Tyler Quiring, Ph.D. student, 2016-present
Gabby Hillyer, M.S. in Marine Science and Policy, co-advisor, 2017- present
Carter Hathaway, M.A., 2017-present
John Welton, M.A., 2015-2017
Ben Wyman, M.A., 2015-2017
James Robe, Undergraduate honors thesis, 2016-2017

Committee membership


Dana Carver-Bialer, Ph.D. student, Communication & Journalism, 2016-present
Bryan Picciotto, Ph.D. student, Communication & Journalism, 2015-present
Natallia Leuchanka, Ph.D. student, Natural Resources and Earth System Science, Ph.D. student, University of New Hampshire, 2017-present
Catherine Hamley, Ph.D. student, School of Earth and Climate Sciences and the Climate Change Institute, 2017-present
Kara Pellowe, Ph.D. student, School of Marine Science, 2016-present
Anthony Sutton, Ph.D. student, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2016-present


Sandaruwan Pradeep Kumara, M.S. student, Communication & Journalism, 2017-present
Shuling Chen, M.A. student, School of Marine Science, 2017-present
Melissa Flye, M.S. student, Wildlife Ecology, 2017-present
Abby Roche, M.A. student, Communication & Journalism, 2015-2017
Emma Fox, M.S. student, School of Economics, 2015-2016
Sophia Scott, M.S. student , Plymouth State University, 2014-2016
James Gibbons, Master’s thesis project committee member, 2014-2015
Bethany Jorgensen, M.A. student, Communication & Journalism, 2014-2015


Ashley Sarra, Undergraduate honors thesis committee, 2017-2018
Michael Kennedy, Undergraduate honors thesis committee, 2016-2017
Alan Bennett, Undergraduate honors thesis committee, 2015-2016
Katie O’Brien, Undergraduate senior thesis project, College of the Atlantic, 2014-2015           
Kristyn Souliere, Undergraduate honors thesis committee member, UMaine, 2014

Research mentorship

Sara Lowden, Research Associate and Ph.D. student in Anthropology, collaborating on research with the Campuses for Environmental Stewardship project, 2017-present
Sam Roy, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Future of Dams Project, 2016-present
Dana Carver-Bialer, Research Assistant, Communication and Civic Engagement with the Faculty Fellows Program, 2017-present
Tony Sutton, Research Assistant, Communication and Civic Engagement with the Faculty Fellows Program, 2017-present
Sara Randall, Research Associate, Future of Dams and Safe Beaches and Shellfish Projects, 2015-2017

Undergraduate research assistant mentorship

Maliyan Binette, Wabanaki Youth in Science intern, May 2017-present
Brawley Benson, International Affairs Major, May 2017-present
Cassie Page, Communication major, April 2017-present
Carter Hathaway, Journalism major, May 2016-present
Alex Smyth, Communication major, 2016
Victoria Sabol, Business major, 2015-2016
Jack Brannigan, Economics major, 2015