EC Community of Practice

Meet some of the members of our EC CooP: Kevin Duffy, Ben Wyman, Tyler Quiring, John Welton, Bridie McGreavy, Abby Roche, Michael Kennedy, Laura Rickard.

The Environmental Communication Community of Practice (EC CooP) is a space where students, faculty, and research partners who share interests in environmental communication and sustainability can meet to learn from one another to collectively advance personal and professional goals and address complex social and ecological problems.

We host workshops and discussions focused on civic engagement and community organizing; making meaningful career connections through online presence, networking opportunities, and relationship development; writing and peer support; grant proposal development; oral and poster presentations for academic conferences; and coordinating research and fieldwork activities. Here is the Environmental Communication Community of Practice_Spring 2017 Schedule for more details about discussion topics and workshops.  We also do engaged research and service projects, such as video recording, and in future we intend to create facilitated dialogues on issues that matter.

We are seeking to hire a Research Assistant to work with us on the Communication & Civic Engagement Project to study and support UMaine’s Faculty Fellows program. More details here.

Here is a link to our internal communication site:


Bridie McGreavy, Assistant Professor of Communication and Journalism (co-lead)

Laura Rickard, Assistant Professor of Communication and Journalism (co-lead)

Kevin Duffy, Ph.D. student in Communication

Carter Hathaway, Undergraduate student in Communication (graduate 2017)

Michael Kennedy, Undergraduate student in Communication (graduate 2017)

Bryan Picciotto, Ph.D. student in Communication

Sandaruwan Pradeep Kumara, Master’s student in Communication

Tyler Quiring, Ph.D. student in Communication

Sara Randall, Research Associate, Marine and Sustainability Resource Consultant

James Robe, Undergraduate student in Communication (graduate 2017)

Abby Roche, Master’s student in Communication

John Welton, Master’s student in Communication

Ben Wyman, Master’s student in Mass Communication


Liliana Herakova, Lecturer, Department of Communication & Journalism

Nathan Stormer, Professor, Department of Communication & Journalism

Linda Silka, Senior Research Fellow, Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions