My environmental communication and sustainability science research addresses complex social and ecological problems with the goal of advancing solutions through effective collaborations and shared decision making.  I study large-scale interdisciplinary sustainability science teams and organizations; shellfish management and resilience; and decision making related to rivers and lakes. Here are links to my CV, Department, and

Clam digging and intertidal mudflats are  integral to the culture, economy, and ecosystems along Maine’s coast.

My research interests include:

  • Communication Theory & Method
  • Environmental Communication
  • Resilience & Sustainability Science
  • Science & Climate Communication
  • Social-Ecological Systems Research
  • Ecological & Material Rhetorics
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Methods
  • Critical and Media Discourse Analysis

Select Articles

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Seed clams
Juvenile soft shell clams counted as part of stock assessments in Maine’s municipal shellfish management program.

Research and Technical Reports

McGreavy, B. (2016). Service learning and environmental communication: Communicating a case study of the Penobscot River Restoration Project. Technical report provided to the Campus Compact and Campuses for Environmental Stewardship program.

McGreavy, B., Bell, K.P., Suldovsky, B., MacLagan, S. (2014). Closure and advisory decision-making summaries for beach and shellfish management in Maine and New Hampshire.  Technical report to the New England Sustainability Consortium.

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McGreavy, B., Disney, J., Kacer, N., Lindenfeld, L., and Silka, L. (2011). Stakeholder perspectives in Frenchman Bay planning. Technical report to the Frenchman Bay Steering Committee.

I generally use an ethnographic methodology that combines mixed methods such as interviews, participant observations, and surveys. Photo credit Ken Woisard


Farrell, A., Bailey, D., Stanton, B., Lawlor, K., Bieluch, K., McGreavy, B., Disney, J.  (2017, March 30). Building school and community collaborations to eliminate arsenic from drinking water in Maine and New Hampshire: A model for the U.S. Poster presentation at the Maine Sustainability and Water Conference, Augusta, ME.

When water quality is the easy problem: An untold story of sustainability and human well being, Video of a presentation in the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions Seminar Series, November 2015.

Resilience as Discourse, Paper presentation at the National Communication Association annual conference, Chicaco, IL, November 2014.

Community-based Participatory Research for Mudflat Restoration, Presentation at the Society for Human Ecology, Bar Habor, ME, October 2014.

Communication and Sustainability Science Teams as Complex Systems, Presentation at the Resilience2014 Conference, Montpellier, France, May 2014.

Collaborative Learning and Working the Tides, Poster presentation at the Conference on Communication and the Environment, Uppsala, Sweden, June 2013

Collaboration and Social Resilience, Poster presentation at the Acadia National Park Science Symposium, October, 2012

Partnerships, Social Learning and Resilience, Presentation at the Maine EPSCoR Conference, September 24, 2012

Conservation Action Planning in Frenchman Bay, Poster presentation at the Public Participation in Scientific Research Conference, August, 2012

Science Communication and Vernal Pool Conservation, Presentation at the Maine Water Conference, March, 2011

Bridie PPSR
Presenting research at the Public Participation in Scientific Research Conference  in Portland, OR, August, 2012